Our Services

Since the establishment of Sentinel Risk Management in South Africa, the company has grown rapidly, taking on national and international clients across a wide range of sectors.

Sentinel Risk Management upholds the highest industry standards and continually strives to improve service delivery, having a zero tolerance approach to poor performance and unprofessional practices.

Sentinel Risk Management covers the full spectrum of security services, utilizing the most effective and up to date processes and techniques, modifying services to provide efficient and cost effective security solutions for our clients.




Sentinel Risk Management provides what is arguably, one of the best Security Threat, Risk and Vulnerability services on the market today. See the article written by Andy Lawler in the Hi Tec Security publication: The Estate Security Handbook (pg. 12 – 16)

In terms of Enterprise Risk Management, Sentinel has had much experience in assisting companies, big and small, to complete and publish their ERM strategy from baseline commencement to ISO certification.

In the field of Engineering, Sentinel Risk Management has assisted high profile companies, by facilitating the Failure Mode and Event Criticality Analysis on mine transport and proximity detection equipment, thus contributing to the safety of miners and the continuity of mining processes by preventing downtime dur to accidents.


Sentinel Risk Management is well-known for its training courses, with practical application, in both Personal Security (in the home, on the road, whilst out and about and in the office) as well as Anti-Hijacking.

Sentinel Risk Management also has, as one of the most popular courses, the Risk Management Bootcamp, which takes employees on a journey from zero knowledge of Risk Management, to a platform where they can launch their own Risk Management Strategy.

In terms of Business Continuity, Sentinel Risk Management has created and updated its course to remain within the auspices of the International Standards Organization. Our business continuity program training has been done at all the shipping harbours within South Africa, as well as many other industries.


Sentinel Risk Management has entered the field of Security installations with a bang, having many new clients approaching our company, not due to advertising, but due to word of mouth and good reputation.

This section of our menu of service, is fast becoming one of the biggest pieces of the Sentinel Risk Management pie.

Sentinel Risk Management only installs legitimate equipment, bought from legitimate suppliers and installed by legitimate installers. These items of equipment all have legitimate guarantees and warrantees.

Andy Lawler is known for using the phrase:

“If you buy your equipment from the Asian market, please get an Asian installer to install your equipment, as we cannot guarantee the quality and thus do not dabble in non-mainstream equipment.”