About Andy Lawler

Andy Lawler is a Security Risk Professional, entrepreneur, training facilitator and author, currently the owner and Managing Director of Sentinel Risk Management.

Andy has a diverse background and thus has the ability to look at business and client care from a number of angles and mixed with his extroverted, yet empathic personality, Andy establishes quick and long-lasting report. Andy has a passion for security and training and loves to gain and share knowledge with others.

Andy served in the National Defence Force from January 1983 to September 2007.

Andy’s ability to lead paid off when he was appointed as the Security Manager and the Adjutant on the top-management structure of 1 Military Hospital in 1999. He was appointed to oversee a number of successful security projects and due to his legal and analytical talents, was head-hunted by the Chief of Defence Legal Services and was transferred to the headquarters of the Minister of Defence. Here he was sent on a number of courses including Military law, Law of Armed Conflict, Law of War, International Humanitarian Law and the conventions of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

In addition to this, he was also sent on extensive training in Strategic Planning and Management, Security Risk Management, Information Security, Corporate governance, Business Continuity, Enterprise Risk Management and Cyber Forensics and was then appointed as the legal services representative to a number of the committees governing these aspects within the Ministry of Defence including the GITO Council.

Andy retired as a Senior Staff Officer in 2007 when he accepted a post as the Chief Operations Officer for a company in Roodepoort. In 2009, Andy joined forces with and eventually purchased his current company (Sentinel Risk Management). Andy consults at all levels and is considered a subject specialist in Security Risk Management and Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, as well as Business Continuity Management, by clients across the globe. Andy is regularly invited to speak at various national and international forums and regularly contributes to security publications.