Sentinel Risk Management is a highly competent security services provider, which has been in business since 2007. Initially, Sentinel Risk Management started out as a Security Advisory and Close Protection company, protecting many high profile corporate, Government and celebrity VIP’s.

Since its early days, Sentinel Risk Management has grown into an innovative company which is
fast becoming a world class leader in Security Risk Management.

Since bringing Andy Lawler (a well-known Security Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessor) on board, Sentinel Risk Management soured to new heights as an authority on Security Risk Management for homes, housing estates, mines, businesses small and large, municipalities and holiday resorts.

Sentinel Risk Management has also become well known as a training provider in the Risk management and Business Continuity field, as well as 

the security field, providing well-received training in both Personal Security and Anti-hijacking.

Sentinel Risk Management is well known in the industry in terms of Enterprise Risk Management, having assisted numerous companies in 

the creation of their unique ERM strategy and, by making use of set principles, Sentinel Risk Management has also entered the field of Engineering Failure Mode and Event Criticality Analyses, assisting engineering companies in their design of mining machinery and safety equipment.

Sentinel Risk Management has also increased its menu of service to include quality installation of Closed Circuit Security Cameras, covert surveillance, electrified fencing, Roboguards® as well as access control measures.

It is our privilege to state that the specialists used by Sentinel Risk management, are highly sought after, with comprehensive understanding and real-world experience across international boundaries and cultures.

 So, what can you expect when dealing with Sentinel Risk Management?

  • Integrity, understanding, trust and the maintenance of confidentiality
  • Service excellence driven by our desire for client satisfaction
  • Cost effective, superior Risk Management solutions
  • Proud and professional specialists with exceptional expertise
  • Successful proven track record with numerous high profile clients and companies
  • A commitment to improve quality of life of each of our clients